About Me

I am a petite girl living in a big world. It is very hard to find a great pair of pants, or top that fits just right for someone my height so I decided to make this blog to share with the world my petite tips, great finds and everything in between!

I am currently a full-time student majoring in Business and minoring in Retail Merchandising. I would one day LOVE to have my own company doing something with clothing, but my goal for now is to work for a retail company in a corporate office either working within the buying department or sourcing.

I currently work at LOFT and trust me, I totally take advantage of the Petite department!! I just recently became the store stylist and I love having style parties with clients helping them create the perfect outfit for any occasion!

If any of you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at kdobres@gmail.com. I hope you follow along in my petite journey!