Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Will You Be Wearing This Thanksgiving?

The time has come, and holiday season has arrived! Thursday I will be having lots of family and friends over my house to celebrate Thanksgiving. I have been preparing so long gathering all the ingredients for our meal, that I hardly had time to plan out my outfit!! Shocking, right?

I have no idea what I am going to wear. I think I may wear my Faux Fur Vest from Forever 21. I am in love with it! It was only $24.80 to top it off! I am only 5' and I bought a size small it fits me perfectly!! I think I will dress it up with a pair of jeggings from LOFT, my Michael Kors sequin tank, and a cozy cardigan underneath. I will be sure to share pictures with you all!

What will you be wearing this Thanksgiving? Do you have your outfit planned out in advance? Are you doing anything with family or friends?


Emilie said...

love fur vests :) I'm not wearing anything else these days haha :p



Cee said...

That is a good deal on a fur vest! I've been debating whether I should get on the fur bandwagon... and this might just convince me to :)

I'm only going to my parents' for Thanksgiving so I won't be wearing anything fancy. Probably jeans and a cute top. Happy Thanksgiving, Kara Marie!

kileen said...

oh i can't wait to see how this faux fur vest looks on you!! i've had my eye on several different fur vests but this one is definitely the best deal so far! i might just be doing some shopping at F21 online once i see how it looks on you... :)


Michelle said...

I will probably be wearing my LOFT jeggings as well! Not sure what else, but I am excited to pick something out!

Kaylyn said...

Your outfit sounds soooooooo cute! Sadly, I still have to plan mine. Can't wait for your outfit pictures!
Love & Labels

kileen said...

oh no!! the faux fur vest is sold out in small on the website!! :( let's hope i can find it in stores!

Chelsea Lane said...

I'm wearing my favorite orange shirt! of course! I only wear it like every day :) your fur vest sounds perrfecccttt!


diana kang said...

this is a genius post! ive been so busy i havent even thought about what i am wearing! sequin sounds fun!


20 York Street said...

That's a fantastic post! Our Canadian Thanksgiving is already done but I'm excited what you guys are wearing!


Lisa said...

I can't get enough of fur vest and coats!

I don't know what I am wearing but something warm since it's been so cold lately! :(