Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fashion Fix: The Winter Dress

Now that the weather is getting much colder (its only in the 50s by me!), I really want to find a great dress that I can wear all winter! It's really hard to find that perfect dress since I am petite, but there really are a lot of great choice out there if you just shop around!

I'm really loving LOFT's Petite Cable Sweater Dress because its the perfect dress to layer with some tall boots and tights! This dress runs about $89.50 but right now they are having their Friends and Family sale and you can save 30% off this price!

Another great choice is Gap's Cowlneck Sweater Dress for about $74.50. I am really loving the cowlneck look and it would look great with a fur vest layered over it and a pair of tall boots.

I can't wait to get my perfect winter dress! Have you bought your dress yet? If so, where did you get it and for how much?

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kileen said...

great start on your blog!! it's great to have another petite blogger out there! and winter dresses are one of my favorite parts of colder weather. :)

lizzy said...

Hi Kara,
totally love your new blog! i got excited cause i work at Loft too! Just started a little over 2 months ago and i LOVE it there! Also my major is fashion merchandising too, so its fun to be able to relate! can't wait to read more of your blog!

Nelah said...

That is awesome to have an insider joining this community. Welcome and can't wait to see more posts from you. I have not purchased anything from Ann Taylor in ages but not sure how much long I can resist the temptation, I may give in pretty soon with the 75% off!!

the solar flare said...

yeahhh it's amazing your blog :) and you live in a city that i loveee :) from now i'm your new italian follower :) if you want to follow me this is my link : xoxo

the solar flare said...

noo Kara Marie, i've never been to new york! but i hope to come in 2011 summer :D have you ever visited Italy?? xoxo

Rosa&Carlotta said...

cute blog!
I love warm and cozy winter dresses :D

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Anonymous said...

Great choices on the dress, I havent buy anything yet for the sweater dress, for some reason im not into them this year, I usually does though...
I guess its probably because im in love more on oversize knit and chunky sweater.

Cee said...

Hi Kara Marie! Great start to a blog. I'm not a fan of winter dresses (just doesn't really look good on me), but I do like the cowl neck of the one you posted. I'm a huge fan of draping.

PS - Are you going to give the inside scoop whenever there are LOFT sales? ;)

Stylepint said...

Cute winter dress choices, but I find most are either shapeless or too long. But perhaps the petite versions will be better! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey fellow fashion blogger welcome to i am new blogger too and i have to admit that i love your blog and i am waiting for you to post more fashion posts!of cource i followed you became a fan! it would be great if we ever had the chance to chat! i am Mariannaxoxo and i just started my own fashion blog and have really few followers
so it would amazing it you checked it out

Margaret said...

i neeed those boots :)
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

Anonymous said...

I just find your blog through ExtraPetite's comment page.

Thanks for the F21 Petite Skinny Jean information. I see that you are from NY metro. area, so am I.

Have you try out the jean? What is your input ? $9.50, can't beat that price.

Keep up with the good work.

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