Thursday, November 18, 2010

Forever 21 Introduces Petite Jeans!!!

Ok so as soon as I saw this I just HAD to share it with you girls!!! Forever 21 came out with a PETITE SKINNY JEAN and guess how much it costs? Only $9.50!!!!! This is absolutely crazy! I can't wait to purchase this!

Most of Forever 21's jeans inseams are about 32" and this pair is 28". Also, their thigh girths are normally 18 and these are 16 (measurement from a size 25, fyi).

How fabulous is the wash on these jeans as well? I'm totally obsessed with dark rinse jeans right now. You will not catch me dead in a pair of light jeans because I currently don't own any and don't plan on it for awhile! I think dark jeans are so flattering and I really love the "skinny" cut of these.

What do you think? Will you buy these bad boys as well for only $9.50? Have you tried buying F21 Jeans before?  


First day of Magic said...

i would buy them if i could
no i haven't try because in my country there isn't f21 and i'm jealus of you

Cara-Mia said...

Ah!! I've never tried F21 denim, but if it comes in petite & costs less than $10, then I think I will buy a pair once my shopping ban is over.

the solar flare said...

hahahahha ok ok :D i've never been to America, my dream is to visit New York, LA, Miami and Las Vegas. But i dream New York since i was 6 hahahaha :)i'm smaller than you!i'm still finishing the high school! and after i think i'm going to milan to study fashion :)if you have the chance,visit Italy!especially Milan, Rome,Sicily, Sardinia and other sea areas :D

Emilie said...

I never bought F21 jeans, but maybe now I'm going to try :D



Sassy said...

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Belle de Couture said...

Those jeans look ah-some. I own a couple pair of F21 jeans and they don't look cheap at all... you'd never know they were under $50!

Great blog! Thx for stopping by and visiting mine!


Birgitte said...

Thanks for you comment, I had bought this headband at H&M but that was one year ago! So I think they dont have them anymore.

Nice jeans!

Xoxo Birgitte

Parisienne. said...

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Lot of Love.

xoxo Elizabeth Toledano de Gomez said...

Nice. I love skinny jeans:)

AubreyOhDang! said...

1st time on your blog and you post this. Now i'm hooked. =)

A. said...

I haven't got F21 here in Spain... Come to my blog to see my Prada's Headband, as I saw you wanted one!
Lovely blog!
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Hand~Pck'd by Nikona said...

You can never go wrong w/ skinny jeans and 9.50! total steal ♥♥♥ :)

Stevie said...

Thank you lady love! It's actually a gel manicure. I don't remember the colors but places that do calgel nails will show you how it will look on your fingers before doing it.And it lasts forever! Xoxo

Alterations Needed said...

Thanks for finding and posting this! That's so awesome of Forever 21 to make petite jeans!

Hot Cake Fashion said...

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Kaylyn said...

I just found your blog and I absolutely adore you! First off, I'm petite so your blog is extremely helpful with my fashion taste. Second, I am going to get my hands on those F21 jeans! $9.50 is such a good deal.

And I want to major in business when I go to college next year. You're one of my major inspirations now!

Love & Labels

Anonymous said...

I had bought couple forever 21 jeans, they are amazing, they fit really good, love them
Now following sweetie


so i guess skinnies are back again? this reminds me of how nicole richie used to rock the look as a start. better get myself to dig more skinnies from the closet now.



Miine said...

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kileen said...

this is wonderful news!! i've bought some f21 skinny jeans before but ended up having to hem them cause they were too long. the petite size actually looks perfect! hooray for f21 for catering to petites!

gigiofca said...

The petite jeans sound awesome. I wish the thighs weren't smaller, though. Thanks for sharing the info!

oomph. said...

$9.50?! wow. i never tried F21 jeans before, but at this price i would.

Ellen ♥ said...

OMG, I like the F21 skinny. Its a good buy! :)

Have a nice day,

Btw, I am your new follower. Hope you will follow me back and be friends :) ♥ Ellen